Pjur Profits: New Campaign Begins With New pjur Displays

By on March 18, 2016

Luxembourg/Wasserbillig, – In 2016, the pjur group launches a new campaign called “pjur profits”. The immediate potential benefits for retail are numerous, as the company is offering extensive support measures aimed at increasing revenue and sales expertise in the coming six months. Whether online or offline, retailers can look forward to such benefits as brand-new, high-quality POS displays, enticing sales specials and innovative sales promotions. Each of the promotions can be recognised by the pjur profits campaign logo.

The campaign will begin by marketing two new pjur displays: The white version has an impressive, high-quality look thanks to its bright, fresh design and subtle silky texture. It appeals specifically to women who value health and well-being. Products such as pjur Woman, pjur Woman Nude and pjur med Repair glide are an excellent match for this design. The second black variation has a captivating appearance and a timeless, classy velvet design. It is perfectly suited for pjur top sellers such as Original, Back Door or Aqua. The flexible displays can be set up either at the counter or on a shelf (slatwall compatible) and draw the attention of the customer. “In the past several years, our display programmes have always been very well received. We would like for both of the new displays, tailored to their respective target groups, to help retailers properly position all of the diverse pjur products in their shops,” explains Michael Bart, Head of Global Marketing & Online Marketing at pjur.

The various promotions offered by the “pjur profits” campaign are a testimony once again to the pjur group’s status as one of the market leaders in the premium personal lubricant sector. Anyone wishing to profit from this rapidly growing brand and interested in placing the first pre-orders for the displays can contact the pjur Sales Team at sales@pjur.com.

You can find more information about pjur at www.pjur.com.

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