Pjur Successful ANME Show and Storerotica Award

By on July 29, 2017

Pjur group USA, the original partner of the now famous German personal lubricant brand, just finished a very successful ANME in Burbank, California. pjur group USA launched two new formulas: pjur med Soft glide and pjur med Sensitive glide. The new formulas are targeting the soft and sensitive woman. Both of the formulas are registered and FDA compliant. “Launching new formulations is not a fast and simple process”, says Richie Harris, CEO of pjur group USA.
Made without preservatives, glycerin or parabens, both of the new formulas, along with a free display, were promoted at the trade show. pjur group USA also had its now famous Café, serving espresso and coffee. “It was a great show and the energy in our booth was strong and positive”, said Harris. People in this industry have been so kind and supportive and our sales team did a great job, sales at ANME exceeded our company’s expectations!”
pjur also won the Storerotica award for “Best Sexual Enhancement Company of the Year”. pjur group USA, for 22 years has been offering the market the best in quality and reliability. They were one of the first com-panies to introduce silicone lubricant to market.
For more information about pjur, visit www.pjurlove.com.

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