Pumping Made Easy with CalExotics

By on November 21, 2015

Los Angeles, CA – CalExotics, the world’s most trusted name in pleasure products, provides the pump category with a much needed makeover. Pumps is a new coordinating line of male pumps and accessories taking over male sections of retail stores. The collection offers new and best-selling styles made for pumpers of all levels.

Pumps offers products with superior suction to maximize results and appearance, along with the accessories needed to take pumping to the next level. The cohesive packaging is broken down by category making it easy to merchandise. Each package helps shoppers find the perfect pump to suit their needs.

“CalExotics has a variety of pumping products. We felt it was time to pull it all together to create one, cohesive collection to help retailers better merchandise and to allow consumers an easy way to find the perfect product for their experience level,” says Susan Colvin, Founder and CEO of CalExotics.

The collection offers six unique categories that each cater to different needs. Starter offers easy-to-use pumps, perfect for beginners seeking bigger, better and more intense erections. Advanced features clear cylinders with trigger style handles made to supersize any erection. Oversized is for large men that want to create a legendary erection with superior suction and 12” cylinders. Powered pumps are full automatic with easy-to-use controls, high tech meets high performance in this category. Kits combine intensely powerful pumps with accessories, anal probes, male masturbators and more. Sleeves offer a variety of sleeves to help maximize results and produce unmatched pleasure.

Jackie White, Vice President of CalExotics, says, “With cohesive packaging, creating an eye-catching pumps wall is easy. Merchandise the products by category and you are ready to make those sales. Need help? Not a problem, give me a call and our team can assist.”

Brand new to the collection are the Get Hard Power Pump and Rechargeable Stamina Pump, both part of the powered category. The Get Hard Power Pump is a fully automatic pump with easy-to-use pressure controls in a totally self-contained, wireless design. It offers three ascending levels of suction power with an auto start button and quick air release valve. The Rechargeable Stamina Pump is a high-tech, fully automatic, wireless pump with four levels of suction power. Bonus, this pump allows the use to increase or decrease the suction power with the push of a button.

To learn more about the Pumps collection visit CalExotics.com. For visual merchandising assistance contact Jackie White and visit CalExotics.com for a free Pumps visual merchandising plan.

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