Revel Body Granted 2nd ‘TrueSonic Technology’ Patent

By on December 7, 2014

SEATTLE — Revel Body, makers of the Revel Body SOL Sonic Vibrator powered by TrueSonic Technology, today announced that it has been granted its second utility patent. The patent further advances the company’s vibration technology developments that have been focused on developing pleasure products.

The company’s first patent was granted in January 2012 for its linear-resonant vibration module. The technology produces vibrational forces by magnetic force. The technology can be incorporated in a wide variety of appliances, devices, and systems to provide vibrational forces.

Revel’s second patent was granted Oct. 14, 2014 and elaborates on the upgraded technology, which is used in their second generation sonic vibrator. The patent is for linear vibration modules and linear-resonant vibration modules.

The company noted that the Revel Body’s vibration technology enables it to develop new products for the pleasure product industry. The primary focus is to develop products that provide improved stimulation, while removing the drawbacks of noise, reliability issues and battery life. By building products with a wider range of vibration and more vibration power than legacy technologies, Revel said it is hoping to provide consumers with more effective products to achieve sexual satisfaction. The firm is developing multiple new motors that will enable products to have new forms and features to advance the industry.

“We hope to build products that are effective enough to be medically prescribed for treating sexual dysfunction as well as for consumer recreational use. We believe strongly that sexual wellness is integral to human happiness and we think that we can improve people’s ability to reach sexual satisfaction,” CEO Robin Elenga said.

Revel noted that it also has been recognized for a number of different award nominations, earning five 2015 XBIZ Award Nominations including Excellence in Product Packaging, Innovative Sex Toy Of The Year — Technology, Innovative Sex Toy Of The Year — Design, Luxury/Toy Line Of The Year, and its most coveted nomination; Sex Toy Company of the Year. Elenga also earned an XBIZ Executive Award Nomination for the Tech Leadership Award.

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