Review – Bedroom Restraint Kit – Frisky – XR Brands

By on March 4, 2020

Parent company XR Brands oversees approximately 45 brands. These include Master Series, CleanStream, Zeus Electrosex, Size Matters, Strict and another called Greygasms. The latter offers ‘sleek, sophisticated, sexy’ items, presumably inspired by billionaire Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades series.

Nestled alongside Strict and Greygasms is the Frisky brand, ‘an approachable line of entry-level bondage and pleasure toys’, of which the Pink Bedroom Restraint Kit is a popular product. The Kit comprises an airplane-type eye mask, two ankle cuffs, two wrist cuffs, as well as four restraint straps and one central connector strap. The central strap is adjustable to slide under any size mattress while leaving all four cuffs out and accessible up on the bed. When in place, this set-up makes an H-shaped impression.

Featuring a wide decorative pink band, the cuffs are made of a flexible black neoprene, making them soft and comfortable enough for extended play. Rather than using buckles or padlocks as serious BDSM gear does, these Frisky cuffs close with Velcro – infinitely less intimidating! The cuffs can be attached to each other or singled out into the four furthest corners of the H-shape. Depending on your play preference you can arrange the Frisky Kit to restrain you in a variety of positions, such as on your back, your front or hog-tied if you so desire.

The Kit’s white packaging shows a photo of a woman in her underwear: she’s spread on a bed blindfolded and restrained. There’s also a fashion illustration of the same woman standing in the same underwear wearing the same cuffs. Instead of the dark dungeon appearance of more advanced BDSM displays, somehow here the overall effect remains fun and light-hearted.

Sharing a home with family or friends? Low on storage? Not to worry, you can easily unclip the cuffs or tuck the whole thing out of sight under the mattress. Either way, for easy access the Kit can stay in situ for the next time you’re feeling… um, Frisky.

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