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By on April 29, 2017

Over 10 years of sex toy manufacturing experience combined with an enviable database of around 150,000 reviews has led to a product developer’s wet dream. Add in the immediate transfer of 2D design to onsite 3D printing for a ‘real time feel test’, and in pursuit of ‘ultimate sexual pleasure’, Lovehoney have developed a range of high-end toys worthy of their experience and resources.

A perfect example of this is the Desire Rechargeable Magic Wand®, which combines the gravitas of a Doxy with the settings and luxury silicone feel of a Lelo product. Well, almost. It’s certainly super-strong like the Doxy (potentially providing too much stimulation for some), and is similarly heavy on the wrists. Because it’s powerful it’s loud too, so not great if you’re living in shared accommodation.

But rather incredibly given said power, the Desire Magic Wand® is also rechargeable, so if cabin weight isn’t an issue, with its in-built travel-lock setting you can take it anywhere without fear of being rumbled. Here, the Lelo-lux angle is covered by the inclusion of a soft, faux-leather storage case, which you can lock if you buy a mini padlock. Most cleverly, along with the rest of the Desire range, the toy can be charged inside its case, out of sight of prying eyes.

With a myriad of different vibration settings, the Desire Magic Wand® is great for avoiding the damaging clitoral numbness of many wands that offer only a constant rumble at different strengths. Since the weight is centered in the head, the Desire Wand is perfect for body massaging, but for those who like to play low and long with the pudendum, again the heavy head may only serve to intensify an already too-strong sensation.

Then again, the clit-crushing effect is also the reason Wands are so popular for power queens. It’s worth noting that Lovehoney’s Desire Wand needs a good solid three hours charge before first use.

With unbeatable access to customer feedback, and an equally resourceful in-house design team running the gamut from product conception through testing to quality control with no outsourcing necessary, luxury or otherwise, Lovehoney’s own-brand products are likely to prove peerless.

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