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By on September 10, 2021

There’s only one thing better than a product with a USP and that’s a product with two USPs (if that’s even possible). I’m talking about the Satisfyer Dual Love Air Pulse Vibrator, a gorgeous lemon-yellow, double-ended, silicone dildo of fun.

Quite apart from making a visual splash, the Dual Love is a technical marvel, using Satisfyer’s own free proprietorial Connect app to help control the Dual Love from anywhere in the world (here’s to you, long-distance lovers!). This makes it perfect for pandemic play if you’re isolated from your usual sources of sexual satisfaction.

There’s a handy alarm setting to remind you to call your lover, or to warn you when your housemates are due home. For stimulating sociability there are in-app video call and chat facilities, and in terms of intensity say, via the Connect App you can fine-tune the functionality of your Dual Love to a degree the buttons on the dildo don’t allow. It’s compatible with the Apple Watch (if you’re in the same room), and can also be used without the app, like y’know, IRL. We especially like the Community Share feature, where you can download other users’ favourite sequences, or name and save your own, either to keep private or share with others on the platform.

It has two motors, one at each end for its two functions; air pulse and vibrator. There are 11 vibration settings and 11 air pulse intensity settings accessed by three silicone buttons. It’s not as comfortable using the suction end with the vibrations on, as they make it harder to hold the opposite end of the shaft. However, if simultaneous pressure waves and vibrations are your thing, then so is the Dual Love!

With a wider surface area than Satisfyer’s other suction toys, the oval shape of the silicone head differs from the usual round circle, and the larger diameter than most typical suction toys provides increased comfort for those with a larger clit. That said, it might be useful to supply silicone adaptors for those who prefer a smaller surface area. For a product featuring two toys in one, the Dual Love is very reasonably priced and comes with a generous guarantee.

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