Review Eva – Dame Products

By on December 6, 2017

Dame Products are the cool kids of the sex toy industry right now, and in the last issue, I got the pleasure of trying out their newest vibrator, Fin, which is designed to sit comfortably between the user’s fingers. After this, I was eager to try out their first product, which was what originally launched them head-first into the word of sex toys. I am, of course, talking about the Eva. While it may just seem like another small hands-free clitoral vibe, the Eva first launched on crowdfunding website Indiegogo to a resounding success, with over 8,000 backers and raising almost a million dollars. Clearly Dame were on to something, and everyone wanted it.

The Eva is possibly the cutest sex toy ever. Its tiny body features a large button which looks kind of like an eye, and this combined with its arms work to make it look like an adorable character straight out of a Pixar film. It also doesn’t look at all like a sex toy, which I think has greatly helped its appeal to a far wider audience than usual. In the same vein as the Fin, it has a sleek minimal design made with a buttery feeling body-safe silicone.
Similar to the Fin, the Eva is USB rechargeable and features three different, steady speeds of vibration that can be accessed by clicking the button on top. I found the motor to be fairly weak and a little buzzy. Those that are new to sex toys will likely find this fine, but for power lovers or more experienced users you may feel let down in this regard. The unit is water resistant rather than fully waterproof, and while it claims to be ‘whisper quiet’, I found this one quite loud.

The Eva is designed to be hands-free, and it does this by wrapping its little arms around the vulva lips in order to stimulate the clitoris without needing to be held in place. This can be a little tricky to set up but once in place it works a charm. It particularly works well during sex with others, as it allows you to concentrate fully on your partner rather than your sex toy.

Overall, the Eva excels at being a hands-free vibrator that can stay in place during masturbation or sex. More experienced users may find it lacking in power, but ultimately it was designed for people who don’t often use vibrators, and I am not surprised that it has done fantastically well in that regard. With now two successful toys under their belt I look forward to seeing Dame Product’s next innovations.

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