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By on June 11, 2020

… And now for something completely different! May we present Holey Trinity, a Triple tongue vibrator resembling a trident of flames, of the kind a Greek god might brandish. Well, if he liked pink silicone sex toys, that is!

Part of Pipedream’s new and intriguing 3Some range, the Holey Trinity is a triple tongue vibrator. The central shaft is for vaginal insertion and boasts 7 levels and 3 speeds. The two smaller tongues are for clitoral and anal stimulation; these oscillate in 10 different sequences and buzz with the vibrations emanating from the shaft. The result is oral sex reimagined as battery-powered rotation patterns, presented as an extremely unusual item.

The Trinity’s original appearance extends to the ABS plastic handle at its base, which means you can angle the toy to the areas you most want it – not just externally but internally too. This helps position the toy Goldilocks right. And herein lies the rub – or not. Because, if the Trinity doesn’t suit your anatomy you won’t get as much out of it as its designers intended (think a tickle on the perineum rather than its next-door err… backdoor). With this in mind, we suspect if you enjoy a Rabbit you’ll be likely to favour this baby.

Happily, if the fit’s not quite right, the two smaller, rotating tongues of the Trinity are flexible enough to bend out of the way so you can – wait for it – enjoy the largest tongue as a dildo (yes, these might just be the best words ever written!). And because the main vibrational motor is directed at the shaft, it works well for clit stim fun too.

Powered by a USB cable, once fully charged the Trinity offers sixty minutes playtime. Not the quietest toy in the box, it’s is splash-proof rather than waterproof, which means No to bath play but Yes to a thorough clean.

Whether your preferred sensation is analingus, cunnilingus or both at the same time, this 3Some product improves exponentially with the addition of lube. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that as far as the Trinity’s concerned, lube is essential: just think of it as your fourth partner… along with tongues 1,2 and 3!

The slogan for Pipedream’s 3Some collection is, ‘myself and us’. So, if you want triple the fun with none of the emotional fallout, we recommend the wholly unwholesome, irresistibly unholy, Holey Trinity.

Mia More

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