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By on September 28, 2016

We’re big fans of the ethos behind CalexoticsInspire collection, which endeavours to ‘inspire’ women to rediscover their intimate lives that may have been derailed due to ill-health or age-related issues. As such, the range comprises an unthreatening array of items gently geared towards a reintroduction to sexuality, either through self-exploration or with a partner.

Made of the sleekest silicone it’s beautifully streamline, with a shape which curves snugly around your body to sit comfortably beneath your underwear. You can either use it alone, or with a matching baby pink remote control designed to look like a retro compact mirror. Whether you find this contrived combination mildly patronizing or kinda cute, the remote works well (with a 5 metre range, no less!) although given its girlie appearance it may seem odd when used in public by a straight male partner.

This is a shame, since the Teaser is designed with potential public fun in mind, although you’d be hard-pressed to use it anywhere other than a noisy bar, as on the higher pulsing settings especially it sounds like there’s a merry mosquito buzzing away in your pants. So, since the Teaser is waterproof maybe it would be better used in a loudly bubbling hot tub or shower. Because you see there’s no subtle rumble to the Teaser, instead you’ll find medium to high-pitched sounds when you run through the ten vibration, pulsation and escalation settings, each of which comes with a five speed options (an impressive number of combinations considering the size of the motor!).

But it’s precisely the higher resonance which makes one suspect that presence rather than power is the Teaser’s main attribute: indeed, were it not for its happy hum, after a while the power-hungry amongst you might forget you were even wearing it! This product works best on the lower speeds, as strangely the higher the speed the less one seems to feel the vibrations. But then of course it’s not advertised as a toy for attaining that money-shot moment: rather it’s designed to be more of a…well, Teaser.

A percentage of the proceeds from the Inspire collection goes towards the charity Living Beyond Breast Cancer, so buying one of these Calexotic’s items is a great way to contribute to a worthwhile cause.

Mia More, Editor, for Synergy Magazine

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