Review – Lovelife Rev -OhMiBod

By on January 19, 2020

With the new OhMiBod Rev I’m going to start with the conclusion that this finger/hand massager is a delightful and well-conceived product!

Its quite rare that products tick every single box, but the Rev, clearly achieves its design objective on every level. The name Rev, seems to be derived from ‘Rev up your love engine’ and alludes to kick starting a ‘lovelife’ that may be in a more dormant state currently.

The packaging is beautiful yet practical. Designed like a gift box with pastel hue tones, loveheart graphic design elements which are reflected throughout the entire packaging to the front cover of the instruction manual. Even the hang tab is a lovely ribbon. You wont find a lot of plastic packaging here. It’s clear, the Rev designer is experienced and comfortable with designing to a specification. And the spec on this item is an older more senior target market. The hint is the oversized print in the instruction manual and the image of a grey-haired couple on the promotional material. Massagers don’t discriminate by age, thus Rev can be used by anybody of course.

Rev has the same turquoise hue as its packaging and is simple to use, simple to hold, simple to play with and that’s its beauty, it’s not complicated- as sex and foreplay shouldn’t be. Press the loveheart symbol on the side for a few seconds and the item springs into vibration. With each press, the user can cycle through each of the 5 modes. That’s it, simple and wonderful. Rev is quiet, has enough power, has functional vibration modes, is splashproof, made from quality silicone and rechargeable.

Rev is clearly a solo play item but its harmless charm invites couples play and it doesn’t require much imagination as Rev can be placed anywhere and is capable of any massaging stimulus and can even be used as a cock ring. Fully charged, Rev with run for approximately 30 minutes, that’s more than enough for this cutie.

Rev is packaged with a white satin pouch and USB charge cable and offers nothing but pleasure all round!

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