Review MIMIC – Clandestine Devices

By on August 2, 2017

Clandestine Devices recently released their first product, the MIMIC, and its unique shape is like nothing else I own. Based on a mantra-ray, this quirky design immediately stands out amongst the usual standard shapes that dominant the sex toy market. I love the idea of it, as it has been designed so that the motor may be placed over the clitoris for broad stimulation, whilst its ‘wings’ also stimulate the surrounding labia. Alternatively, if broad stimulation isn’t your thing, you can just place the tip of its ‘head’ on your clit for some pin point bliss. This dual use isn’t something I see nearly enough of in sex toys.

My initial thoughts when I first saw the MIMIC online was how much fun and laid-back it looked for a sex toy, and my impression only improved when I first got to see it in person. They’ve used a silky smooth type of body-safe silicone, and its ‘wings’ and ‘head’ are soft and flexible. The colours they’ve picked out for it are beautiful too, with a pale lilac, sea-foam turquoise, and black, for if you’re after something more neutral. The packaging is also fantastic, it has a modern and stylish look to it, that I can imagine would stand out on the shelves of most sex toy stores.

It comes with the usual luxury toy additions, such as being fully waterproof, USB rechargeable, and travel lockable. For use it has three easy-press buttons which allow you to access its eight vibration patterns, and increase or decrease the strength of these. Being able to adjust the strengths of patterns is a feature missing from most toys, so this was a nice touch. The clear plastic area of the toy also lights up when in use, which is extremely helpful when I want to use the toy at night.

The vibrations themselves are fairly buzzy, so if you need something deep and rumbly, this may not be for you. I also find the ‘wings’ of the toy do not transfer the vibrations as well as I had hoped they would. Overall though I do enjoy using this toy for both broad stimulation and pin point. Both techniques offer pleasant stimulation, and even though I do prefer my vibes to be more on the rumbly side, I can still orgasm fairly easily with MIMIC.

Clandestine Device’s have developed an interesting concept with a lot of potential. I feel that the vibrations could be stronger, but overall it is a great product, perfect for gifting, luxurious and very feminine.

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