Review – Pleasure Collection Crop and Flogger – Coco De Mer

By on July 5, 2018

Lovehoney sent us the Coco De Mer Pleasure Collection brown leather Riding Crop and Large Flogger for review. Each product came in a cream canvas storage bag complete with Coco De Mer logo on the outside, also in brown: so far, so tasteful.

Inside, the scent of quality leather announced the erotic even before touch confirmed that both items were indeed made of the softest materials. In any BDSM session the sharpening of the senses plays an essential part: when wearing a blindfold for example, these factors alone disclose that hot play is imminent, adding to the arousal and sense of anticipation.

The Coco De Mer logo appeared again, deeply embossed on the handle of both products. Here they diverged, the Riding Crop being ramrod straight, sexily strict and more than a little intimidating. It certainly hit the mark (pun intended). Retailing in the UK at £119.99, here was a tool for the serious subs out there – or at least for the financially blessed.

At the exact same high-impact price, Coco De Mer’s large brown leather Flogger was beautiful both in terms of textile and design. Each of the (count them!) forty fronds featured suede on both sides, making for an extremely soft and subtle pressure to tease and trail across the body…if that was the desired effect. Otherwise, brandishing the Flogger with force required skill, as the lengthy fronds could prove unwieldy for the inexperienced.

In conclusion, Coco De Mer’s Riding Crop and large Flogger were simply stunning: they looked, felt, sounded and smelled like luxury. If you’re looking for high-profile decadence, global luxury brand Coco De Mer has it in spades (paddles, crops and floggers)!

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