Review – Power Flower – Satisfyer

By on August 28, 2019

In 2018 German company Satisfyer extended their successful suction toy retinue – such as the widely lauded Pro 2 – to include a series of Satisfyer Vibes. These multi-coloured vibrators come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with names reflecting their appearance.

The red Power Flower caught our eye: with its tip of three fluttery petals (leaving a deep triangular space in the centre) we wondered if it would be more of a gimmick than a functional sex toy. Happily, it was surprisingly effective.

First, there was the easy interface which dialled forward and back. This meant that instead of having to trawl through every available setting to return to the last buzz we liked, we just pressed…back (I know! Revolutionary).

Secondly, If you’re not into direct stimulation – which many of us with a clitoris aren’t – then the Power Flower proved a fantastic alternative, as it circled and surrounded the area, simulating it with gentle flutters rather than drilling it mercilessly. And if drilling were your preference, you could still apply the straight edge of the vibrator for that classic hard feel.

For foreplay, the Power Flower was great at caressing the neck, breasts and other erogenous zones. You could even use it to stimulate the tip of the penis and length of the shaft, and to tease the perineum and balls. And if you like having your armpits or feet played with, well… the Power Flower is an absolute must for all tickle fetishists.

Due to the unusual shape of the tip and the deep area created between the petals, for hygiene reasons the Power Flower being needs a thorough clean after use. Thankfully, it’s waterproof so this is easily done.

Placed at an attractive price point, with their bright colours and unthreatening shapes the Satisfyer Vibes may seem directed at first-timers, but they offer something different even for pros. And while the Power Flower will last far longer than a bunch of blooms, we guarantee you won’t – and in the best way. You have been warned!


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