Review Quad Silicone Whip – Kink – Doc Johnson

By on January 11, 2018

This is my third product from Doc Johnson and’s recent collaboration, yet I seem to be continually astonished by each one regarding the amazing quality and attention to detail that has gone into them. The two companies are no stranger to the sex toy industry or fetish gear, but with this range they have combined their powers to create a line of items that is suitable for both beginners and more advanced users. It sounds like a difficult feat, but as a beginner myself I can say with certainty that these toys have been the perfect way to introduce myself to my kinkier side, while also giving me the freedom to try them out at more advanced levels if I wish.

The Quad Silicone Whip in 18 inches is the perfect example of a toy that works regardless of your experience level. At first, I was nervous about using it, since even though I have other spanking toys, this one looked particularly intense. But as my partner tried it out on me, it quickly became apparent that this is the sort of toy where the amount of force one puts into it easily translates into the feeling the receiver gets. This was perfect for us, as the more I got into it, the harder he could go, letting us really enjoy it without it ever being ‘too much’. Of course, this thing can pack a real punch if you and your partner are willing to use it to its full potential.
The toy itself looks pretty wicked. It’s made from a black silky-smooth silicone, and I can’t help but think it looks like a squid every time I see it. A lot of thought has clearly gone into making the handle comfortable to hold, while the four strands have weighted tips to make impact even more intense.

Something else I LOVE about this toy is that since it’s made out of silicone the handle can also be used as a dildo. I probably wouldn’t want to use it like this the same night as I’m getting spanked by it (without a quick wash perhaps), but as a dildo on its own it’s actually pretty damn good. The handle has been made with this in mind and features a three-bulb design to enhance pleasure, so it feels really good in use and could possibly even stimulate the G-spot depending on your anatomy.

I’ve really enjoyed my last two products from this range, but the Quad easily takes the crown as my favourite. It’s just so high quality, and its silicone makes it low maintenance. Plus, I adore its dual use as a dildo, and the fact that it’s suitable for both beginners and more advanced users. I will definitely be recommending the Quad to anyone who wants a whip (or dildo) from now on.”


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