Review – Rimmers Model M Curved with Remote- XR Brands

By on August 21, 2019

During recent talks with a TV production company, we managed to discuss analingus AKA rimming (pros, cons, extras) for no less than three hours. Yes, it was for an educational series on sexual practises in which every angle had to be covered (ahem), but still, even with my industry knowledge I was surprised how much there was to say on rimming.

So you can imagine how delighted I was to receive some timely input from XR Brands, who by complete coincidence sent me a motorised butt plug from their Rimmers™ range. After all, if a brand has invested all that time and money into developing a toy all about bum-fun, then surely the result has to be worth their shelf-space.

XR have produced three rechargeable plugs under their Rimmers™ subline: Rippled, Smooth or Curved, each available in a Slim or Medium size. The Medium would likely be too big for a beginner, as it’s less the size of a butt plug and more the size of a small pegging dildo. It would also be too small for a greedy player, so yup, XR’s Medium label was right on the money!

I received the Curved Rimming Plug, which like the others in the collection was waterproof and boasted a remote control with a reach of up to 30 feet. Taking the Plug into the shower, the remote came into its own when my partner had lots of fun playing with it – and me – from another room (all in the name of research, of course)!

Again, just like its brothers my Curved Rimming Plug was made of body-safe premium grade silicone and had a tapered tip for easier insertion. So far, so good – especially as the Curved model imparted really powerful vibrations against the prostate, just where it mattered. Top tip: hold the base of the plug while you’re wearing it, otherwise the inserted end might just spin round internally – which doesn’t feel very reassuring! That said, if you clench too hard you could burn out the motor, so equally, do go easy on those sphincter muscles.

The Curved Rimming Plug felt like a bit of a juggling act at times – especially since the controls could be confusing – but when it worked, it worked brilliantly. My favourite feature is the internal rotating beads at the base of the Plug, which imparted not quite a rimming sensation – even with tons of lube – but a damn good attempt at it. Promising.

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