Review – Thruster 4 in 1 Couples Pump Kit – SHOTS

By on August 14, 2020

Recently, a colleague and I found ourselves discussing Dutch brand Shots. We agreed the Dutch company’s own brand toys were becoming increasingly good, their Elegance line in particular deserving a mention. Part of Shots’ Pumped collection, Thruster 4 in 1 Couples Pump Kit is a great example of this innovation and quality.

The Thruster is an all-in-one, waterproof couple’s toy powered by a 11000rpm motor. It has something for everyone: clitoral and breast pump attachments, a thrusting dildo, and even a penis pump extension. Just select an option and twist and click your chosen accessory onto the base unit. For increased sensitivity, simply pump to plump!

The cost of all these toys combined should be incentive enough to splurge on the Thruster or its sister Twister version, which features a rotating dildo. Both suction toys are available in pink or purple phthalate-free and body safe, come, and come with a multitude of fun features. We spotted the Thruster online at an Australian store priced around AUD$150.00.

The clitoral cup is the smallest attachment, which measures 4.7cm, shorter than a lipstick standing on its end, and spans 6.7cm across, making it wider than a soda can. The breast cup has a height of 5.7cm and an inner diameter of 9.1cm, enabling a good purchase on the nipple and surrounding area. The penis tube has an internal diameter of 5.5cm and an insertable length of 15cm/ 5.9”.

If you’re a girth queen you might find the Thruster’s 3.3cm circumference dildo attachment wanting in thickness, but the vibrations and sublime thrusting sensation should more than make up for it – after all, not every sex toy offers simultaneous sucking and thrusting. Similarly, if you’re a big guy, the penis tube won’t be for you, but maybe a bit of nipple stimulation with the breast cup would be instead.

Scroll through the 7 vibration settings by holding down the On-Off button. For suction options, press + button to start the suction or change the 4 modes; press the – button to release the suction. The base is USB rechargeable with the battery giving you 120 minutes fun time. It’s also waterproof.

If you’re looking for extra-sensitive erogenous zones and intense orgasms, prepare yourself to get pumped, as Shots’ Thruster 4 in 1 Couples Pump Kit offers a lot of bang for your buck. In fact, it’s just swell!

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