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By on October 1, 2016

Cosmopolitan Magazine made TRYST, the June 2016, ‘Sex Toy of the Month’ so naturally we had to try it. It’s claimed to be ideal for both sexes and indeed it is a versatile and lovely toy but it does require some imagination and experience to find your ideal position and to get comfortable with.

Personally I found TRYST to be physically quite rigid, I had expected something softer but then, when I considered its multiple uses, I concluded it probably had to be this way. To give you an example- TRYST can be used solo by a female for clitoral play, for insertion and G-Spot stimulation and for nipple play. For solo males, TRYST is designed for testicle and penis stimulation and for couples, TRYST can be worn as a C-Ring for mutual stimulation and I’m sure we can all come up with more variations.

My favourite way with TRYST is to mimic the Jimmy Jane Form 2 and straddle my play zone with both vibrating arms, moving TRYST slowly up and down until I reach nirvana. Whilst we tried everything we could think of with TRYST, I settled on this one, as personally I find simple is always better.

TRYST has the best features of the current toy generation- waterproof, USB rechargeable, body safe silicone, and the exterior arm motors can be used concurrently but also independently from the base area. TRYST also offers 7 modes of vibration and cycling through these is also fun! Charging was a breeze as was clean up.

To get the most value, I recommend TRYST for couples play, the experimentation makes for wonderful playtime, add some water based lubricant and just do it!

Reviewed by Jennifer for Synergy Magazine

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