Review- VIBEZ – BMS PalmPower

By on January 16, 2020

Having been in the business a long time, we’re rarely surprised at the contents of a courier delivery. But a parcel of goodies from BMS Novelties in Canada prompted an immediate response, containing as it did a Palmpower VIBEZ, one of the funniest-looking toys we’ve seen in a long while – in both senses of the word.

Bright pink, with a silicone shaft and flat, triangular head topped with slim rabbit ears, the Palmpower VIBEZ was unlike anything we’d seen before, reminding us of a rechargeable Wand crossed with a Rabbit vibrator. Which probably explains why BMS market it as, err…a ‘Rabbit Wand’!

As big fans of the Palmpower range of Wands and their associated head attachments, we expected great things from the VIBEZ. We needn’t have doubted – in terms of power the VIBEZ was a worthy stablemate, its seven different functions suitably fierce. The first four settings (low, medium, high and ultra) imparted differing degrees of intensity, and the remaining three conveyed a trio of patterns (Pulse, Echo and Hype). None of these options were particularly quiet, but this was only to be expected since the motor was so powerful.

The PowerBullet™ motor was situated in the widest part of the toy which made up the head. This 2” (5cm) triangular area had a flat front for silky stimulation, while the flipside featured bumps for a more textured experience. Under this triangle was a flexible neck, and below that again was the shaft, with a single button for easy-peasy, one-press control.

The vibrations adequately travelled down the length of the shaft. However, using the narrower end for penetration entailed holding the VIBEZ by the triangle which, since it was powerful, could cause numbing to the hand. We found it worked better to turn the motor off and use the long end as a passive, rather than dynamic, dildo.

What of the ears? Well, in addition to bringing the toy up to a length of 8.75” (22.22cm), these two silicone tips fluttered very cutely along with the internal vibrations, adding a gentle tickling sensation for the clitoris and nipples to the more forceful surfaces of the triangle. This contrast was a nice touch – literally.

They say, ‘spice is variety of life’, and we’d recommend the Palmpower Rabbit Wand as a welcome addition to any sex-toy collection: it really does add something different to the party VIBEZ (sorry!).

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