Review- Yummy Sunshine – Satisfyer

By on October 7, 2020

And along came Yummy Sunshine… We’re big fans of Satisfyer’s upbeat Vibes collection, a rainbow cornucopia of vibrators which run the gamut from the lilac Charming Smile through the burgundy Petting Hippo, right to the bright red, petal-tipped Power Flower – a firm favourite at Synergy Towers. Rated just as high as its red stablemate is Yummy Sunshine, a (banana? Daffodil?) yellow, gorgeously bright G-Spot vibrator, which is as physically enjoyable as it is visually engaging; that is to say – irresistible!

Solid for its size but lightweight, with its looped handle the Sunshine is ideal for users with grip issues. Equally accessible are its three soft push-button Up, On/Off, Down controls which are highly intuitive, even in the throes of passion. Featuring twelve settings, 6 consistent modes and 6 ‘heavenly’ pulsating rhythms, since the Sunshine’s vibrations start nice and low it’s also on the right wavelength for people who dislike pinpoint stimulation or find wands waaay too much. At the opposite end of the spectrum, the Sunshine’s two motors mean you can ramp the power up to a satisfying level.

Made of firm yet soft silicone, the bulb at the tip of the Sunshine is flexible enough to be used for gentle clitoral use. For those of us who enjoy a bit of texture with their titillation, the length features ripples along the top side for internal stimulation, with the largest ridge towards the base for the clitoris. Being of average girth and length (6” insertable), thanks to the Sunshine’s fluid shape it’s also a great toy to use as a G-Spot dildo without vibrations. Or maybe you could pop it in a vase on your mantlepiece along with the Flower Power (just kidding!).

Along with the rest of the range, the Sunshine is excellent quality for its extremely reasonable price (approx. AUD$59.99). Indeed, you’d be hard-pressed to find another line of vibrators in body safe silicone with the same affordability – let alone a vibe like Sunshine that makes your heart sing when you look at it.

Overall, the Yummy Sunshine vibrator is a veritable ray of er, sunshine; you’d have to be bananas not to be uplifted by the very sight of it. And the peel? – I mean, feel – of it in action? Well, now we’re talking!

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