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By on April 2, 2015
Robo Fuk, LoveBots

Ever on the hunt for a decent sex machine, we were lucky enough to get our hands on the Robo Fuk by Love Botz. Suitable for both men and women it comes complete with realistic accessories, namely a Fleshlight-esque sleeve and a bendable dildo that can be shaped to your preferred angle.

At first glance the RF seems promising: easily set-up and with one page of simple instructions, it’s neither too big nor too small and you can store it under your bed. The first issue reveals itself when you plug the machine in: unfortunately the mains lead slips out at the slightest provocation – rather frustrating when the entire product is designed around moving parts.

The thrusting itself works very simply: you choose the angle of penetration/ reception by rotating a wheel to lock and unlock the thruster in place, and a dial in your hand which is wired to the RF helps you change the speed of thrusts at will. The RK will stop hammering away when it hits against something too firm: assumedly as a safety measure. Unfortunately, this has a consequence when it comes to slow penetration – or indeed any penetration starting from outside the body – as it leads the RK to stop suddenly. You can get around this by placing the dildo inside you before turning the machine on and then turning the speed up further.

The masturbation sleeve and the dildo are made to look lifelike, but neither are stated to be body-safe or phthalate-free, so we would advise to use both with a condom.

Another cause for concern is the availability of accessories: if you wanted to go for an upmarket silicone strap-on, or indeed a toy from any other brand, you’d find it incompatible with your RF. Even if you wanted to try a different dildo from LoveBotz you’d have difficulty, as the website only sells what you already get in your initial box set.

When the RoboFuk works well it works reeeally well, thrusting tirelessly with unremitting enthusiasm. Hitting all the right spots, it’s an impressive piece of kit.

The Robo Fuk has all the right parts and the potential to hit all the right places, however, decent in principle but disappointing in practice. We’re looking forward to seeing some upgrades as we believe the concept is awesome!

Mia More, journalist and reviewer,

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