Rock On Rocked Out With a Successful New Product Launch at XBIZ

By on January 28, 2016

Los Angeles, CA- Wellness products manufacturer ROCK’N Products reports an outstanding launch of the new and improved Rock On line at last week’s XBIZ Retreat in Los Angeles. Attendees had the opportunity to sample the latest additions to the Rock On line, and feel their benefits first-hand.

Rock On debuted new, improved versions of their popular couples friendly sexual enhancement lines for him and her, including new shots and pills.

It was Rock On’s latest additions ROCK OUT and DO IT that proved to be the life of the party.

Rock Out hangover shots turned out to be lifesavers for industry professionals during business meetings and after hours, as customers and vendors alike kept asking for a Rock Out hangover shot to get them through the night.

“We lost count of the number of people that came up to us after the trade show and awards show telling us how much they drank and how great they felt from Rock Out” Rock’n Products President Keith Caggiano said. “We gave away a tradeshow survival kit that also offered the new DO IT focus and energy shot for the next morning”. That also got rave reviews.

“Rock On has long been known for being the popular sex shot of the industry and we expanded the line of shots to other logical extensions for adult retail customers that can offer new profit centers for adult stores too,” Caggiano added.

With most stores gaining heavy weekend traffic from couples who wine and dine and hard-partying college students, Rock Out detox shots and Do It focus and energy shots offer a golden opportunity to increase revenue.

Rock’n Products will make an official announcement on the release and shipping of the complete line next week. Stay tuned!

Rock On also debuted new Metal Rock, Passion and Rock Life Supplement lines to attendees.

Rock On is bringing the cool back to sexy. The Rock On range of vitality-boosting products includes gender-specific formulas for daily consumption as well as single dose enhancers for an on-the-spot energy lift. Rock On Daily is a once-a-day formula that nourishes sexual virility, libido and desire, as well as provides essential vitamins and electrolytes to improve energy, performance and stamina every day.

For on-the-spot enhancement, Rock’n Shots, the vitamin-packed energy boosting sexy elixir is perfect for situation-specific performance enhancement.

Rock’n Products has expanded its range based on its Rock Life philosophy. The all-new integrated system of supplements is designed to offer support to Rock every moment of life. From improving your performance at work to enhancing sexual performance, and taking your workout to the next level to achieve a Rock’n body, the Rock Life line-up of supplements has you covered, physically and spiritually. Rock Life promotes balance by offering hangover and relaxation support for a speedy recovery when life gets overwhelming.

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