Rocks Off return from ANME with positive vibes!

By on July 29, 2017

Rocks off are delighted by the great feedback and uptake of their new product ranges launched at ANME LA in July.

Sales Executive Sham Galoria said:

We had a fabulous show, it was great to spend time quality with our customers as well as forming new relationships. It was lovely to hear such positive comments from customers and people who passed our booth! One customer said, ‘I have never been to this show and picked up all of the new products showcased by a company, well done Rocks-Off!’

The Summer of Love 10 speed bullets injected plenty of colour to ANME attracting a lot of attention, along with the team’s hippy outfits of course! I heard we were referred to as the “hippie corner of ANME” and we are more than happy with that.

People were wowed by the intricate patterns on our RO-90 bullets, with the print master over the tapered tip. One customer commented, ‘Rocks-Off packaging, graphics and artwork is always so consistent and leaves a long last impression, it’s the attention to detail that makes Rocks-Off stand out.’

Our Charmingly Seductive range – consisting of Little Charm, Unihorn and Atomic, were equally well received. As we all know Ombre colours are trending heavily in the mainstream now and buyers walking past with Ombre hair and nails just loved them. Jade from Excitement, took a snap with the Unihorn, she looked amazing with her matching Ombre hair!

The team had so many people taking pictures and snapchatting the new collection which was a real buzz for the brand and as they say in the movies, until next time folks as we’ve lots more styles and designs coming soon.

It’s time to get your Rocks -Off!

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