Ryan Fraga – Director of Sales & Operations – OXBALLS

By on February 13, 2019

I’ve been in adult for so many years now, outside of manufacturing. I used to manage production studios for an adult film producer, which began when I was very young (always behind the cameras). The migration to manufacturing was an easy one as I came from liquor sales and distribution, which is very similar in the colorfulness of the Pleasure Products industry as well as strategies.

A typical day
I typically try to spend half my day in support of our customers, staying connected and communicating with our footprint globally. I try to listen to make sure we’re providing service and support in ways which help our customers thrive with the Oxballs brand. The other half of my day I commit to our amazing staff, making myself available to our leadership team for any guidance and tools they need to help them do their jobs well. (I’ll admit I take a long lunch to hit CrossFit religiously every day.)

The most significant influence in my working career was
Working with my good friend Scott before he passed a few years ago. He owned some private post-secondary colleges in the US, was a masterful leader and brilliant strategist.

I’m most proud of
Honestly the culture that I’ve watched grow and thrive at Oxballs over the past 4 years. I’m always amazed with the ways in which our team continues to grow their craft of collaborating with each other.

Last book I read
“Radical Candor” – Kim Scott, who led YouTube Online Sales & Ops at Google and went on to develop and teach a leadership curriculum at Apple, an amazing book with effective, achievable tools and guidance for anyone who manages people for a job.

Favorite movie/TV show
Right now, Hereditary. Very unsettling movie, skillfully told story and scary without thoughtless gore or violence. (…Also features the lovely Australian, Toni Collette )

My favourite place
My home.

My favourite meal
Breakfast, only because I can get through it faster than other meals. I see eating as a nuisance most of the time, though I love good red meat.

What I wanted to be when I was growing up
I suppose I would say that I always want to be in a position where I can help people grow and stretch into new potential, whether personally or professionally.

What would most people not know about me
I have a twin, he’s almost 12 inches taller than me.

When I’m not working I’d rather be doing

What I like best about my job
I love working with our customers and being able to represent a product that impresses and surprises people. We love creating snarky fun aggressive products, and being able to help businesses hone their ability to sell our products is very rewarding.

If I could change one thing
I think the Australian market still sees Oxballs as a brand that strictly only a gay man would buy. I’ve watched so many other markets around the globe make a shift where mainstream, boutique, and other stores with mostly straight clientele really succeed in building wildly successful offerings with our products. Men want edgy aggressive products no matter what their play is like, and we know how to build good cock-toys. I hope to change this perception in the coming seasons.

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