Satisfyer Prepare to Launch New Multifun 1 and Multifun 2

By on June 22, 2018

Bielefeld, DE – Satisfyer Partner presents two new toys: for him, her and couples. The name, Satisfyer Partner Multifun, was specially chosen to reflect their numerous applications.

The toys can be used as partner vibrators during love making, but they can also provide men or women with some sensual hours spent alone.

The ergonomic U-shape of the Multifun for example, is highly suitable for use as a massaging scrotum ring – the two feelers softly wrap around the man’s shaft and testicles, pleasuring them with deep vibrations. When this is taking place, the body can be placed underneath of the penis, in order for the powerful vibrations that are generated by the third motor, can be stimulate the perineum – the Multifun can also be worn the other way up for just as much fun.
multifun1_1 low

Those that wish to include the Multifun in their foreplay session, can for example use a feeler to tenderly massage their own nipples, or those of their partner. The different vibration programmes are excellent for any kind of play and preferences.

The two new pleasure providers from the Satisfyer brand come in the colours Ocean Blue (Mulitfun 1) and Bonbon Pink (Multifun 2).

“But it is not just the colours that are different, the toys themselves have been specially designed to meet the needs of the customers, which also means that the shape has been created to adapt to the wishes of the consumer base. The products are waterproof (IPX7), thanks to the usual excellent high quality of the build and are easy to clean and take care of. “During development, we placed a great deal of emphasis on the materials we used, and are proud to have found and implemented a highly flexible material with Silk Touch Feeling”, explained Vice President of Sales Jerome Bensimon.

This means that we can not only provide our customers with the top quality they have come to expect from us, but also additional benefits, which is why the feedback from consumers is so important. When it comes to the price performance ratio of our product, we have received plenty of praise from those who have purchased them, and the sales figures speak volumes about our concept,” Jerome Bensimon added. The two new products should be available from the beginning of July.

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