Screaming O Bolsters Customer Trust with Endurance Testing Program

By on June 30, 2017

Los Angeles, CA, – Screaming O has given customers another reason to trust the award-winning brand’s quality with rigorous endurance testing of its newest deep, rumbling vibes. This process assures new Charged Vooom, Charged Positive, My Secret Panty Vibe, and its upcoming rumbly releases perform as promoted while efficiently identifying and handling any concerns before the products officially ship – simply another way Screaming O ensures ultimate customer satisfaction.

As part of Screaming O’s official quality control system, small batches of each vibe variety are pre-ordered and sent directly to HQ, where staff run them through approximately 1,000 cycles of performance assessments. This includes fully charging and discharging the safer lithium polymer rechargeable batteries, measuring average run time on the lowest and highest vibration settings, and assuring a smooth, rumbly pace on every speed – even while fully submerged in a bucket of water.

“We stand behind every product we make and part of our commitment to quality includes ensuring our vibes rumble and tremble the way they should!” Screaming O Account Executive Conde Aumann said. “The signature ‘bzzzzzzzzzz’ sound has become a fixture in our offices as rows and rows of vibes rumble alongside each other during each round of endurance testing. It’s actually quite fun to watch – and almost soothing to the ears! – and gives our customers an additional layer of confidence in their upcoming orders. Screaming O is known for our commitment to quality and safety, but this quality control regimen truly ups the ante.”

In addition to functionality and power testing, Screaming O’s quality control program includes biannual testing of its popular affordable product materials via an independent lab, which puts various samples through protocols similar to those required by the Consumer Product Safety Act. This process assures Screaming O’s popular SEBS, ABS plastic, colorful silicone, and True Silicone® materials are authentic and safe for use on and around intimate areas.

To learn more about Screaming O’s commitment to quality and trust, or to place an order, please email Conde at

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