Screaming O Brings Sex-Ed & Sex Toys to UCLA Sex Week ‘Sextravaganza’

By on May 4, 2017

Los Angeles, CA, – Screaming O celebrated a night of healthy sexuality with hundreds of UCLA undergrads during this year’s Sextravaganza, an all-night event dedicated to sex-positivity as part of the university’s annual Sex Week. With workshops, interactive sessions, and activity booths to choose from, students flocked to Screaming O’s booth for free beginner sex toys and advice from a certified sex educator – equipping themselves for an epic Sex Week.

Each year, UCLA’s residential life team opens this unique sexual health, wellness, and awareness program to the school’s 12,000 on-campus residents, introducing students to resources, topics and activities related to healthy sexuality and relationships. This year, organizers expanded the event to include a week-long series of workshops, parties, meetups, and activities designed to give attendees a safe space to learn, explore and get even more excited about sex.

To help facilitate a fun conversation, Screaming O introduced students to the benefits of disposable mini vibes – “Your nosy roommates will never find them!” – and how sex toys can help students (and their partners) learn about their unique sexual desires. With the help of Los Angeles-based certified sex educator Anne Hodder, Screaming O successfully connected with hundreds of students and introduced them to the wonderful world of sex toys.

“Almost every student I spoke with had never used a sex toy before and most of the young women were worried there was something wrong with them because orgasms weren’t happening on the reg,” Hodder said. “After showing them the power of a mini vibe – specifically how it can help boost pleasure – students grabbed free samples and left with bright eyes and even bigger smiles. There are few things more satisfying than seeing someone open up right before your eyes, and UCLA did an amazing job creating a safe and permissive space for students to ask questions, get information, and take useful tools back to their dorms – Screaming O sex toys, included!”

Students also were encouraged to fill out a survey at the Screaming O booth, which provided valuable introductory information about the sex toy shopping habits of college students. As a thank-you, Screaming O created custom ID cards for them on-site and sent students home with branded lanyards touting their newfound Sex Pro status.

“We learned a lot about college students’ sex toy preferences from last year’s Sextravaganza survey and our entry-level ‘gateway’ products fit their needs perfectly,” Screaming O Marketing Manager Gideon Perez said. “Students couldn’t get enough of the Sex Pro ID cards, which helped break the ice and encourage them to engage with us on a deeper level. This year’s Sextravaganza was the biggest yet and it was an honor to have been invited to participate in another important sex-positive UCLA event.”

UCLA’s annual Sextravaganza provides students with an inclusive safe space to learn and reflect upon their own sexuality, while encouraging conversations about important sexual health issues impacting students on campus and in their daily lives.

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