Screaming O Celebrates 10th Anniversary

By on June 4, 2015
Screaming O

LOS ANGELES — The Screaming O announced today that it’s celebrating 10 years of helping couples connect and come together, crediting its Vibrating Ring product line that has expanded exponentially since its inception.

The company said it is embarking on its next decade of business with a focused manufacturing and marketing initiative dedicated to providing retailers and consumers with affordable and functional products that are fun to use.

The Screaming O noted that its initial success came in 2005 with the introduction of the simple stretchy vibrating ring that quickly caught the attention of sex educators and women’s media, and soon won the title of “Best Ring” at Women’s Health magazine’s inaugural Sex Awards. The sex toy — now known as the original Screaming O Vibrating Ring — quickly inspired a multi-category product line that caters to the widest array of men, women and couples with a bright and inviting vibe that consumers trust and ask for by name.

“As we celebrate our 10-year anniversary, I look at my team and the network of support we’ve developed over the last decade with incredible pride and respect — we couldn’t have made it without each and every person involved,” President Justin Ross said.

He added, “Success can be subjective and come in many forms, but the key is to wake up every morning feeling the same sense of excitement that inspired me to create The Screaming O in the first place. And that has been a driving force for me this year especially, knowing the projects that we have in development and the talented team in charge of making it all happen.”

The company also noted that with multiple industry and business awards under its belt it rang in 2015 with an official emphasis on responsible manufacturing and affordable quality that includes independent lab testing and accurate packaging labeling. This dedication also includes expanding into new categories without losing focus on its core mission to create fun, affordable and functional products.

“Responsible manufacturing, clear and correct labeling, and accurate consumer education are three pillars to running a sex toy company that’s deserving of consumers’ trust — and gaining that trust is imperative for sales,” Ross said. “However each company wants to define or handle that is their own prerogative, of course, but we at The Screaming O are proud to be setting a new industry standard as we enter our next decade of success.”

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