Screaming O ‘Yoga’ Matches Flexible Comfort with Multi-use Design

By on February 24, 2017

Los Angeles, CA – Screaming O’s new Yoga introduces an extra-stretchy body-safe cock ring that reduces constriction and makes it easy for users to wear the rumbling vibrating ring in three different ways. The Flex Fit design stretches along with the user’s intimate moves and features two separate rings that can be used for several pleasure functions, including as a cock ring and finger loop that adjusts the motor without interrupting the flow.

Yoga lets couples flex their way to sex-positive fitness with the comfort of stretchy body-safe SEBS and the rumbling vibration power of Screaming O’s now-famous low-pitch Vooom Bullet. A great option for cock ring beginners, Yoga’s top ring can be used as a finger ring to help users position the vibrator exactly where they want it. For more advanced users, this loop can be used as an additional cock ring to give him a special vibrating boost with the bonus of cock-and-ball isolation.

Yoga also features a double-sided reversible design with a different texture on the front and back; one side boasts soft extended nubs while the other has a modified “jean seam” fin that flicks, rubs and rocks against the clitoris for a sensation boost.

“We made Yoga using our lab-tested, body-safe SEBS material to give it a super-soft, almost squishy feel that stretches to accommodate anyone who isn’t a super-fan of tight constriction,” Screaming O Account Executive Conde Aumann said. “The finger loop is great for control but it’s the dual-fit option that makes Yoga extra fun – wear the top ring around the shaft and the bottom ring around the testicles with the vibrator in between for massage directly on one of his most sensitive areas. There aren’t many cock rings on the market that can boast this many usages and it’s no surprise that it came from the likes of Screaming O!”

Yoga is equipped with a 100% waterproof Better Bullet motor that emits 40+ minutes of high-performance vibration and functions with AG-13 batteries. Each unit comes with two sets of batteries and is available in Gray, Red and Blue. As with all Screaming O products, Yoga is supported by free full-color marketing materials and graphics upon request.

Yoga is made of flexible SEBS with a vibrating motor encased in ABS plastic, two materials that have been lab tested for a body-safe experience.

For more information about Monarch and the rest of Screaming O’s product line, please contact Conde at

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