Sex Party Australia – Victorian Election Update

By on December 8, 2014

Victorian Election Update
Well its now four days after the election and Fiona is still ahead in Northern Metro and on target to become the first representative of the adult industry to be elected to a Parliament anywhere in the world….well maybe Cicciolina in the Italian Parliament but she was an independent!

However!! the figures move around on a half daily basis and they have had us between 6,000 votes ahead to about 6,000 behind so we’re not getting ahead of ourselves as we’ve been in this position before and got pipped at the post. We also have an outside chance of our candidate, in Southern Metro winning a seat as well. We are currently 1,000 votes short at a critical point in the count with 30,000 votes still to count. If we got two seats that would be balance of power in the parliament. Even one seat would be very close to that.

On a day to day level however the exposure of our issues and policies about personal freedom and the fact that the adult industry has been able to project itself into the political sphere like this has been great for Eros’ ongoing work. Whilst we’re quietly confident that the 2,500 votes we are ahead will propel Fiona into the state parliament, even if it doesn’t this campaign will have been a great success for the adult products industry and its profile. The ultra conservative Liberal member Bernie Finn posted yesterday, ‘does anyone realise that we may have just elected someone from the sex industry into parliament!?’ Clearly he was alarmed. Neil Mitchell on 3AW and most stories on the election have mentioned the fact that Eros is the prime mover with the party and no one seems to be alarmed at this or think it unreasonable, except the religious right. This in itself reflects a greater acceptance of the role of adult and restricted products and we are expecting a greater understanding of regulation by governments around Australia next year as a result of this campaign.

Post election our policies on parole tax, small business, X rated films, regulating social tonics and marijuana have had the best hearing ever in the media.

Fiona will be on national and state 7.30 Report this week and already we have been on the front page of the Financial Review and The Age with page 2 and 3 spots in all major dailies.

This could go down to the wire and the Electoral Commission will not push the button on below the line votes until Dec 17th. So there could be a bit of a wait.

Thanks again and again to those Eros members who generously supported our campaign with sometimes unheard of increased membership fees, all the way thru to offers of mail outs and other support. Whatever the outcome, this has been a great investment in our industry at a fundamental level. We will publish a list of Eros political donations next week.

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