Sex Toy Distributing Intros New Life-size Love Dolls

By on October 17, 2017 is officially shipping five brand-new luxe life-size forms from love doll impresario NextGen – available exclusively from the international distributor. The new additions include bright and buxom female-shaped love dolls, each with a unique personality and fantasy to match, to complement the fast-growing brand possibly best known for creating Dorian, one of the first and only male sex dolls to feature a detachable lifelike penis.

The newest NextGen dolls include: Carmen, a petite brunette with generous curves; Jean, a red-hot redhead with DD-cup breasts; Vanessa, a buxom brunette with an hourglass figure; Jessica, a busty blonde bombshell; and Serena, a slender blonde with curves in all the right places. Each model is fully poseable and can be penetrated orally, vaginally, and anally, allowing users to bring their wildest fantasies to life.

NextGen’s new realistic female sex dolls join an expansive line that has set a new precedent in the category, thanks to its attention to hyper-realistic features, positionable limbs, interchangeable accessories, and competitive pricing. NextGen love dolls are made with a unique form of super-soft TPE and feature a bone-like structure and intricate detailing for a natural look and feel. Each model comes with its own soft wig.

“NextGen dolls have made a major impression with our customers, so much so that we brought on five brand new dolls to keep up with demand,” Wholesale Supervisor Morgan Panzino said. “These new dolls are gorgeous and built with the kind of curves and detailing that have proven to be top selling features. Users truly can construct the exact fantasy they’ve always wanted and NextGen’s attention to detail and superior soft, supple material really seals the deal. This is a special line and we are honored to be NextGen’s exclusive distributor.”

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