Becomes #1 Source for Most Innovative Sex Toys for Men

By on August 4, 2015

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. – has become retailers’ go-to source for the most modern and up-to-date selection of sex toys and intimate gadgets made for male pleasure. Following a lengthy research and development phase, the online distributor has expanded its male category to include the latest and most innovative strokers, massagers, C&B devices and more, all catering to the expansive tastes of this important demographic.

With electric masturbators sweeping the male product category, Sex Toy Distributing offers customers access to the latest automated devices that do more than a simple back-and-forth stroke motion. New units include twisting, suction and thrusting movements that transform the masturbation experience and cater to many men’s high-tech tastes. The Ultra Bator and Vibra Head strokers by Lovebotz are two popular options for retailers looking to expand into the automatic masturbator category.

Male chastity is another growing product category once reserved for more kink and fetish-focused retailers. Curiosity surrounding erection prevention and cock teasing is more mainstream than ever, and Sex Toy Distributing has expanded its selection to include a variety of materials that cater as much to beginner experimenters as the advanced players. Master Series’ Detained chastity cage is a notable seller thanks to its all-rubber construction, which gives users the erection restriction they desire with the flexible comfort of malleable material. The Sado Shadow chastity cage, also by Master Series, provides even stronger chastity support but with a 100% silicone shape for a less intense alternative to hard plastic or stainless steel.

Manufacturers also have been getting creative with cock rings, offering more materials, shapes, sizes and functionalities than ever before, and offers an entire category dedicated to these fast-selling items.

“It’s often thought that the sex toy world caters more to the needs of women and female shoppers, but over the last year, the manufacturing industry has paid serious attention to what men want,” Sex Toy Distributing Wholesale Manager Beth Brown said. “Men have more selection than ever and we want to be retailers’ most reliable source for the latest and greatest options for male pleasure. We’ve seen tangible evidence that proves these products are in-demand and selling quite well.”

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