Expands Stainless Steel Selection with New Stylish Designs

By on September 14, 2015

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif.- has expanded its selection of stainless steel accessories to offer kink-centric customers a sexy metal edge. With awareness growing of this metal’s erotic benefits, Sex Toy Distributing is sourcing the highest-quality and most unique stainless steel tools tailored for true BDSM aficionados.

Stainless steel has been a sex toy mainstay for years with its heavy weight, hypoallergenic properties, and temperature conductivity giving users unique advantages unmatched by any other material. These attributes combine a multisensory experience with an edgier look most appreciated by sex toy enthusiasts and members of the BDSM community, and Sex Toy Distributing has expanded its inventory to help retailers cater to these important demographics.

Among the newest additions is the Master Series Lead Me cock ring, a 1.75-inch solid stainless steel ring with an attached O-ring that acts as a versatile anchor point for rope or chain leashes, clamps or other bondage accessories. On its own, this O-ring makes a stylish erection-enhancing statement while giving the wearer’s partner opportunity to get creative with ways to dominate and command action. Its compact size also makes it easy to heat in warm water or cool in the freezer for additional sensation play.

Next in line is the Master Series Adjustable Stainless Steel Ball Gag Head Harness, an incredibly unique and industrial-looking ball gag that keeps the wearer contained with elegant style. Its smooth bar curves around the back of the neck to support a straight bar that keeps the ball gag clamped into place, all fully adjustable using simple thumb screws. The rubber ball is odorless and tasteless and sized for maximum restriction while remaining comfortable to wear.

On the more advanced end, Sex Toy Distributing is proud to offer a wide array of stainless steel sounding tools, making it easy and hygienic to practice this intricate and intense urethral play. The Master Series Golden Claw Urethral Plug is a claw-style insert with gold-toned ball-tipped arms that spread outward from the head of the penis. Its tapered tip is rounded and smooth with a solid shaft sized for maximum stoppage. And thanks to its seamless steel construction and unique claw design, the Golden Claw can also be used as eye-catching penis jewelry to make a show-stopping statement.

The Master Series Gates of Hell is one of the most unique and advanced stainless steel BDSM tools and has already made an impression on the retail market. This stainless steel cock cage comes equipped with a cum-through sound that keeps the penis upright and filled with temperature-sensitive rock-hard steel. Its unique sound is hollow to allow for liquid to pass through without removal and each ring is hinged for easy adjustment and a customized fit.

“Stainless steel offers a hypoallergenic and body-safe experience with a sexy edge that shoppers appreciate, and we’ve always recommended stainless steel to retailers looking to stock BDSM and advanced sex toys that would appeal to seasoned customers,” Sex Toy Distributing Wholesale Manager Beth Brown said. “Master Series is a brand that takes stainless steel very seriously without skimping on creativity and it’s no surprise that retailers are stocking up on these must-have pieces.”

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