Introduces ‘Milker’ Stroker & Suction Machine

By on October 16, 2015

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. – is one of the first to introduce the Milker Automatic Deluxe Stroker, a one-of-a-kind love machine that combines the power of suction and the sensuality of stroking. Featuring a dual-cylinder design, the Milker provides pleasure to multiple erogenous zones, including the penis and clitoris, and can bring users to orgasm in a way never before felt from the automatic sex toy category.

The Milker features a thin silicone tube encased in an ABS plastic cylinder that, when activated, simultaneously sucks and softly strokes the user. The interior silicone membrane flutters and tugs while the exterior cylinder creates a tight seal for optimal suction, and with simple and easy dial controls, users can quickly adjust speed and force as they explore their intimate limits.

“Conventional auto-strokers provide a cushioned tube in which to insert a penis with a traditional up-and-down motion that’s become synonymous with male masturbation,” Sex Toy Distributing Wholesale Manager Beth Brown said. “But the Milker relies purely on physical sensation, rather than emulating specific sex acts, and accommodates both male and female genitals thanks to two different-sized cylinders. It’s a truly innovative way to stimulate oneself and after a rave response during this summer’s ANME Founders Show, we’re happy to announce that the Milker is officially in stock and ready to ship!”

The Milker, available from popular sex machine brand LoveBotz, comes with a lockable discreet storage container, power cables, a remote control, and two cylinders: a 9-inch ideal for the full penis and a 3-inch to massage the penis head, clitoris and even nipples. All accessories are included to equip consumers with everything they need to enjoy their new device right out of the box.

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