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By on January 14, 2015
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HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. – has determined that Enlargement – including pumps, extenders and sheaths – is one of the fastest-growing product categories in the online market, reporting incredible growth since the category’s introduction more than four years ago. With effective and easy-to-use options, Enlargement has evolved from penis augmentation to include attachments, pumps and accessories designed for genital enhancement of all kinds – for both men and women.

With the discretion of the Internet, consumers have been able to comfortably explore the full spectrum of enlargement play and learn about options they never would have come across offline. Men seeking penis enlargement can browse stretchers and other alternatives to invasive medical procedures, while women can peruse the variety of pumps and cylinders that help stimulate blood flow to sensitive areas.

“The retail response to enlargement products has skyrocketed since their introduction, especially after we put special focus on product education and informing customers about the various benefits of each item we carry,” Sex Toy Distributing Wholesale Manager Beth Brown said. “Both men and women express interest; women are intrigued with the concept of stimulating blood-flow for heightened sensations, and men are discovering that there are alternatives to invasive, risky surgeries that actually work!”

Among the staples are Size Matters penile aides, devices designed with spring-loaded rods that promote a gentle, yet effective, stretching sensation along with length of the shaft. Standard length starts at 5 inches and longer extension rods are available to consumers in need of the next level – and Brown says steady sales of these extension rods prove that consumers are experiencing positive results.

“I often compare the act to stretching earlobes – it’s similar to the stretching techniques used in indigenous cultures – and people’s eyes light up with recognition and understanding,” Brown said. “The sales of our Size Matters extension rods indicate that they are quite popular; they’re often purchased solo – once the user exceeds the length of the original stretcher, he can then move on to the next – and that says a lot!”

Sales of cock sheaths, tubular extensions men can wear on their own penises to increase length and girth, also have grown in popularity because of their simplicity. With much less effort involved, sheaths provide fast and temporary results while also promoting “big dick” fantasies shared by men and women around the world.

“Our 7-inch-long, 5.75-inch thick Black Mamba sheath from Master Series remains a top seller, likely because of the popularity of the interracial fantasies promoted in popular porn,” Brown said. “And enlargement isn’t just for people who want bigger members. There are enlargement options for other areas – nipples, clitoris, breasts, balls, anuses – using pumps, which temporarily and safely swell the area with blood, which increases sensitivity tenfold and offer a completely different sexual sensation.”

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