Offers Retailers Halloween Crossover Inspiration

By on October 31, 2016

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., – is gearing up for the Halloween holiday with last-minute costume ideas that feature SKUs that many of its customers already stock. From puppies and ponies to insane asylum patients, the options for BDSM-inspired Halloween ensembles are seemingly endless and Sex Toy Distributing is retailers’ source for professional inspiration.

In the realm of animal fantasy, Sex Toy Distributing’s catalog boasts the widest array of masks, tails and accessories necessary to transform ordinary individuals into puppies, ponies, pigs, cats and more. The Deluxe Puppy Play Essentials Kit and Premium Equine Pony Play Essentials Kit by Master Series offer convenient all-in-one sets with everything from tails to fist mitts, while the array of animal tail plugs – fox, pig, cat, and more – from Master Series and Frisky make it fast and simple to get in the spirit.

Shoppers looking to delve into the darker, kinkier side of Halloween fun can play with medical accessories, hooded masks, and bondage apparel to create the perfect costume. The Strict Leather Black Canvas Straitjacket matches form with fashion to turn anyone into a sexy asylum patient, and the Spandex Façade Hood by Master Series features eye and mouth holes that make it perfect for a villain, superhero, burglar or other stealthy costume in need of a mask or hood.

“It might not come as a surprise that Halloween is a favorite holiday at the office, which is why customers rely on our knowledgeable staff for advice and costume ideas – especially last minute,” Sex Toy Distributing Wholesale Supervisor Morgan Panzino said. “We love showing customers how to turn existing stock into must-have costume accessories, and this year’s lineup gave everyone a lot of fun and sexy inspiration to work with.”

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