Stocks Tom of Finland Pleasure Tools

By on June 12, 2015
tom of finland

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. – now proudly stocks Tom of Finland Pleasure Tools, a historic line of erotic products inspired by the artist and his iconic depictions of virile, hyper-masculine men. This new line lets fans bring their favorite Tom of Finland fantasies to life with a collection of lubricants, collars and cuffs, anal toys and other accessories inspired by some of the artist’s most famous drawings and paintings.

“Tom of Finland is one of the most influential erotic artists of the 20th century and was the first to depict homosexuality in a positive, confident and powerful way,” Sex Toy Distributing Wholesale Manager Beth Brown said. “Beloved by people of all genders and lifestyles, his work features mostly men with exaggerated sexual traits in hyper-masculine scenarios that depict homosexuality with a confident and powerful attitude. Tom of Finland Pleasure Tools is an incredible complement to Tom of Finland’s legacy; never before has a body of artwork been transformed into such a physically and visually stimulating series.”

From design to packaging, every element of the Tom of Finland Pleasure Tools line was made to reflect the artist’s aesthetic while giving fans tangible pieces of erotic art. Like Tom of Finland’s illustrations, the products and their artful packaging are playful and cheeky while maintaining the artist’s hyper-masculine and artistic look with its packaging, sales tools, and merchandising displays.

Most notable from the line is a hand-sculpted rendition of Kake’s Cock, one of the biggest penises that Tom of Finland ever penciled, available as a collector’s piece that fans can enjoy as an interactive piece of erotic art. This famous shape has been transformed into a physical object of pleasure made of solid gunmetal-grey silicone or realistic TPE and is packaged with a copy of the famous Tom of Finland illustration from which it was sculpted.

Other accessories in the Tom of Finland Pleasure Tools collection include branded dog tags and locks, which fans can wear out or display on their gym bags, making this product line a celebration of community as well as an opportunity for pleasure.

“With a recent exhibition at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the release of a Finnish stamp bearing his illustrations, and a feature-length biopic slated for release this year, Tuoko Laaksonen, better known as Tom of Finland, has gained mainstream recognition as an artist and as a gay icon,” Brown said. “We love that this line brings the focus back to the eroticism that made his work so enormously popular during and after his lifetime, and we predict that Tom of Finland Pleasure Tools will inspire consumers’ fantasies in the same way that Tom of Finland’s illustrations continue to do.”

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