Eroticgel’s Sexy Sleek Waterproof Bedding Gets a Face Lift

By on August 7, 2019

Sydney, NSW – Eroticgel Australia’s flagship product got a nice little facelift and its ready to show itself.

Eroticgel report these last two months have seen sales of Eroticgels Fitted Waterproof Black Sheets increase drastically online which has something to do with sleek new photos that capture this product in all its glory. Unfortunately, sales in stores hadn’t seen such an increase and the problem was found with the packaging. Initially wanting a simple packaged design, “we now know we were wrong. Happy to admit our faults as a growing company we took the design back to the drawing board and now have something sexy to show for it. The box gives us flexibility with allowing different sized sheets and pillow cases to be comfortably packaged as well as cross promoting our other products with a free 50ml Pepee Original sample and the Eroticgel 5g NURU Massage Powder that makes up to 500ml of NURU Gel. For stores that currently stock the bed sheets, on your next order you will be provide the boxes and free samples free of charge to help boost sales”, states Zachary Castle.

“Redesigning the sheets must have given us a little spark we we didn’t just stop there. We now also provide a Pepee Lotion collection for the indecisive among us or as a simple present for the lube lover among us. The Pepee Collectors Edition is a nice little gift idea that packages 5 x 50ml Pepee Lotions. Furthermore, as the box includes the ingredients and product information, the time and cost by placing the individual labels is removed, leading to an overall lower purchase price than if you bought these individually.”

“Now that we are working hard at perfecting our products we also want to give out some promotions, so if customers simply write a review on an Eroticgel or Pepee product that they have recently bought, then they will be in the competition to win a years worth of lube. The competition will be run every two months and is just the start as we intend to run ‘NURU Massage’ promotions also. Promotional material will be attached to all 360ml Pepee bottles”.

It should also be mentioned that Eroticgel Australia is working with distributor Next to Nothing Australia to further promote the Eroticgel product line as well as the full Pepee Lotion range. Although Eroticgel Australia is a small company, it will have further outreach and more personalized customer support in part to the Next to Nothing team which have dedicated sales reps in all the cities they supply to. This goes a long way in achieving Eroticgel Australia’s goal of providing quality Japanese made goods at an affordable price to the Australian customer.

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