Sexyland Adult Retail Chain

By on December 7, 2014
Sexyland Moorabbin Adult Shop


Established  Valentine’s Day, Feb 14,  2000

Founded by Angelo Abela & Jeff Holland

Head Office-   Springvale, Victoria

100+ staff

15 store locations across Victoria and Northern Territory

How does a typical day in a Sexyland store look?

Our motivated, well trained ‘fun specialists’, will be found around the store attending to customers, and giving a high standard of customer service. Shelves are well stocked with our massive range of adult products, the environment is upbeat, music will be playing the latest hits, stores are brightly lit, and displays are stylish and tasteful. Basically everyday is a FUN day at Sexyland….hence our brand promise…have more FUN shopping!

If we look at your adult retail business 10 years ago versus now, what changes can you see and how have you responded to them?

10 years ago Australia was beginning to move away from a stereo typical adult business that primarily targeted a male demographic. Previously, adult stores had a negative reputation; they were associated with being dark and seedy.

Sexyland was a key player in presenting a new style of adult retail business which targeted mainstream, middle Australians. They launched stores which challenged past negative perceptions. They presented retail stores for a savvy, empowered 18+ shopper. Sexyland offered the range of Bunning’s in a David Jones environment….. the new style 18+ department store.

What are some of the best things Sexyland has done?

Sexyland have provided both men and women a safe and fun shopping experience where they can explore their sexuality without fear of judgment. Sexyland also sponsors and supports multiple charities, local businesses and sporting clubs.

What is Sexyland especially proud of?

Sexyland offer all staff the opportunity to attend numerous different training and development programs. Due to this investment, many staff members have gone on to become leaders in many other high profile organisations. Sexyland pride themselves on its people and their successes.

What have been some of the best moments at Sexyland?

Opening our new store in Geelong  in February 2010. Over 100 members of the local community were lined down the street to gain entrance to view Sexyland’s huge range of FUN items and partake in the days activities .   Our Ladies Night in November 2013 – over 200 tickets were sold in the first hour. The night was a huge success!

Our worst moment would have to have been during the GFC – instability, not sure where this would lead.


Is there anything Sexyland could do better?

Sexyland are constantly improving. We never stop still. If we do something great, we’re always saying – “let’s do it even better next time”. Our customers and staff deserve the best!

What are a few of the key variables in order of importance to ensure the best chance of success in adult retail?

Definitely the staff. Get the best people, and simply allow them to do their job. Good quality training is essential. And sourcing the best stock and offering it at the most competitive prices. Also listen for opportunities – they are everywhere!

What makes a great store location?

High visibility on a main street location with ample off street parking and easy access to the store.

Does Sexyland target a specific customer demographic? How would you define your customer base?

Sexyland target all men and women 18+ from all walks of life.

What type of activity does Sexyland engage in, in store, to ensure the maximum customer experience?

We offer exceptional customer service in a non-judgmental, safe and fun environment. We cater to every demographic over 18+. We make it our priority to ensure every customer feels valued (even browsers). We stock a huge range of 18+ products so customers can conveniently shop for all their needs under the one roof.

How important are sales staff/store staff?

They are our top priority. Your people are your front line, they are our customers first, and often, only point of call. Invest in your staff and they will repay you tenfold.

What makes a great adult retail staff member?

As long as they are willing to learn, can prove a solid work ethic/history, and are a self motivated individual, then we are happy to consider them for a position.

What do staff most love about their jobs at Sexyland?

Staff are given multiple opportunities to attend a range of different training seminars. They are well paid and receive recognition awards and staff rewards on their performance.

What do staff most often complain about?

Due to our hours of operation – 9am – 12pm, 7 days a week, can hours be an issue for some employees.  But we always try to accommodate where possible.

How often would Sexyland change a store layout or re merchandise?

Constantly, when new stock arrives, or if we are running a special promotional (which is often). Stores are constantly changing to suit customer behavior, climate, occasion and general demand.

How important is new product or product selection in a store?

Very. We are always bringing in new lines. The latest and greatest…. But we also have a strong understanding of customer demand and align our core range accordingly.

What trends has Sexyland observed in adult pleasure products?

As women are becoming more and more educated about their available options we have noticed a shift towards external female stimulators and/or couples toys instead of the standard internal vibrator(s). Also any toy mentioned in the book ’50 Shades Of Grey’ – but that is more of a fad.

How does Sexyland keep itself informed of adult pleasure product?

We are closely connected and constantly kept in the loop via our overseas and local adult product manufacturers/suppliers. Our buyers/managers also travel extensively to many adult expos to view the latest and greatest.

What makes a successful product?

Ergonomic design, powerful motor, made from a superior material. And if it’s packaged well, then you have a winner!

What have been some of the best selling items of all time for Sexyland?

KY Yours & Mine lubricant, We-Vibes, orgasm balls (all brands) and rabbit vibrators.  Our most successful products have been driven by an aggressive and targeted mainstream campaign (or endorsement), or strong word of mouth.


What proportion of Sexyland business is online versus brick and mortar today?

On-line is growing year on year. So it’s hard to say, but at the moment it’s around 10%.

How do you view the trend toward online shopping and the changing role of physical shops?

It’s already changed our business dramatically due to free adult content downloads. But where there is change, there is also opportunity – you just have to adapt to the changes.

How is Sexyland responding to the rise in ecommerce sales?

We have increased our investment in this area. We have a new website – development is on-going. It’s a global environment, there are many more competitors and the value of goods is eroding so it is quite demanding.

How would you view the market for adult pleasure product in Australia, in general? Are there any challenges particular to operating in Australia versus overseas?

There are always challenges no matter what county. Ours is always the ever changing government regulations. Also consumer sentiment is important – always have your hand on the pulse.

What advice could you give someone intending to start in adult retail today?

Everybody thinks they can start up an adult business at the drop of a hat. As many new shops start, just as many fail…    The best advice is to know your terrain, know your customers, know your products and distribution and know your point of difference with a sound strategy on how to execute your plan (both short term and long term).

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