Shelby Barr – Topco Sales

By on August 30, 2016

Topco Sales is proud to welcome Shelby Barr, the latest addition to its sales and marketing department and a fresh talent whose work helps equip the historic brand with a modern and updated marketing approach. Officially deemed Media Production Specialist, Barr’s core focus is creating videos for each of Topco’s signature products and enabling the sales team to support customers with effective and visually stimulating marketing tools.

“It is exciting to be a part of one of the longest-running manufacturing brands in the world and take the opportunity to learn more about the direction that this fascinating industry is taking,” Barr said. “My visual marketing and social media management roles at Topco come natural to me, as they require a certain artistic mindset, artful skillset, and unique aesthetic that I’ve been honing for years. I think the key ingredient is my love of Topco products, and it’s become incredibly important to be able to concisely and effectively share key points of what makes each product unique, whether visually or via social media.”

Barr also has helped establish a modern voice for Topco Sales’ social media presence and provide customers and consumers with a portal to interact with the brand. This is equipped Topco with a valuable direct portal that has become an essential part of a product brand’s success.

“Part of my focus as COO has been to bring fresh talent and a female perspective to Topco and it has been a pleasure to have Shelby on our growing team,” Topco Sales COO Autumn O’Bryan said. “She has been able to wear many marketing-related hats and provide a reliable and organized support base between our graphics department and sales team. And it certainly helps that her aesthetic for product videos and photography is exactly in line with the look and feel we’re working to create for the Topco brand.”

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