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By on November 11, 2015

There’s much to be admired about Calexotics, not least its female-orientated ethos which extends from the top down (courtesy of founder Susan Colvin) through their product development team and beyond to the championing the consumer. Celebrating twenty years trading in 2014, it’s a company that has consistently set the standard for many of the innovations we in the erotic industry take for granted today.

Calexotics’ recent Silhouette collection encapsulates many of these groundbreaking firsts. The company was instrumental in introducing less aggressive colours into sex toy design, and true to form the Silhouette range comes in red, pink and purple. Made of body-friendly silicone, each of the twenty-odd toys comprising the collection is waterproof – this being another important industry development by Calexotics way back when. We were sent the S4, a remote-controlled egg (yes, that’s another of their original innovations), which boasts a 20m range, eight vibration, pulsation and escalation features.

Unusually, the S4 enjoys a warming function, immediately making it stand out from its contemporaries. Since motors naturally create heat it makes sense to channel that energy: no wonder temperature play is becoming an increasingly popular addition to vibrators and dildos. Interestingly, the S4 doesn’t need to vibrate to warm up, meaning it can give you that inner glow without any accompanying noise. This is great, as although the S4 isn’t particularly loud, it’s definitely noticeable when buzzing away in its pattern features.

Yes, the vibrations of the S4 are pleasingly powerful, so much so that I’ll let you into a little secret: thanks to the funky (but mildly obscure) typeset of the box blurb, I’d originally thought the phrase “Warms as it vibrates” read “Worms as it vibrates”, as only moments earlier the stronger settings had proved forceful enough to propel the S4 across my palm like a wiggly worm!

One of the advantages of the S4 is that you can use it with or without the remote control, which is lucky as although the devices work well enough together unfortunately the egg seems to turn itself off when the control falls out of range. Our solution: when playing out and about with a partner in a busy bar or restaurant, don’t forget to take the S4 control with you when visiting the Ladies.

Billed as ‘beautiful but affordable’ the Silhouette collection is reminiscent of the popular OVO brand, and with similarly clear lines and tasteful packaging it encapsulates the impression of aspirant luxury. Having previously dismissed Calexotics as producing entry-point products with a correspondingly low-quality feel, from my experience with the Silhouete S4, I’d say Calexotics’ latest approach is certainly encouraging. A refreshing recommendation.

Mia More, journalist and reviewer,

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