Sliquid Delivers More Pleasure with O Gel & Ride Rise Packaged for Her & Him

By on October 25, 2016

DALLAS, – Sliquid is proud to offer its proprietary L-Arginine-free sensitivity-enhancing formula as part of the top-selling Sliquid Organics Collection and Ride BodyWorx line. Sliquid Organics Stimulating O Gel for women and Ride Rise arousal gel for men feature Sliquid’s signature all-natural formula, each packaged to coordinate with consumers’ favorite Sliquid products.

Sliquid Organics Stimulating O Gel features branding, packaging and merchandising to offer a seamless connection to the full line of Sliquid’s products. Featuring an efficient pump top and spa-like feel, O Gel gives retailers a sophisticated cross-over item that appeals to female shoppers of all experience levels.

Ride Rise is comprised of the same body-safe ingredients but merchandised to attract a demographic that identifies with a more masculine look. Packaged in handsome opaque bottles, Ride Rise features clean lines, bold metallic accents, and an upscale appearance that complements the proven popular Ride BodyWorx line of intimate glides and topicals. These aesthetics make it easy for retailers to display Ride Rise and the entire Ride BodyWorx line as luxe gender-neutral lifestyle options that also appeal to the growing couples market.

“Sliquid’s arousal gels have been nominated for countless industry awards because of their unique ability to heighten reactivity without irritation or hypersensitivity, and we’re proud to make them available with targeted marketing,” Sliquid CEO Dean Elliott said. “Our design team created the unique look behind O Gel and Ride Rise to fall in line with our most effective branding and marketing, and customer feedback shows that we’ve really hit the mark.”

These unique gels enhance through topical application, a much safer and less invasive method than ingesting herbal supplements and stimulants, and are incredibly effective and easy to use. Ride Rise and O Gel gently promote blood flow to the skin’s surface using a combination of peppermint oil and a sparse amount of menthol, known to be natural and gentle vasodilators, without the use of L-Arginine – an amino acid found in the human body that’s commonly used in many consumer products. Though it’s used in everything from foods to pre-workout supplements, this chemical can cause unfavorable reactions in users with certain medical conditions. As part of its commitment to body safety, Sliquid opted to identify plant-based alternatives to L-Arginine to capture and cater to a broader consumer base.

“As with all products under the Sliquid moniker, Ride Rise and O Gel are formulated with plant-based alternatives to ordinary ingredients and help soothe and excite delicate skin, resulting in naturally superior arousal gels that can be enjoyed solo or with partners,” Elliott said.

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