Sliquid Smooth Shave Creams Naturally Soften Hair

By on March 30, 2015
Sliquid Shave Cream

DALLAS – Sliquid has reported that its unique shave formulas promote softer hair growth following frequent consumer feedback regarding its Ride Razor and Balance Collection’s Smooth shave creams. Boasting one of the industry’s only 100% vegan formulas, Sliquid’s shave creams include unique natural moisturizers and subtle scents that have made an impression on both male and female shoppers with skin-soothing results they can see and feel after just one shave.

Sliquid Balance Smooth and Sliquid Ride Razor feature a lush, velvety texture thanks to the addition of botanicals and plant-based alternatives to traditional mainstream ingredients that can strip skin of its natural moisture. Rather than lanolin, an animal byproduct found in most shave creams as a moisturizing agent, has been replaced by a combination of rich mango and shea butter with essential oils for good measure, which has resulted in a fan following comprised of as many men as women – an unexpected surprise.

“Sliquid fields countless emails from fans with questions and comments and we noticed a recent influx of messages raving about what our shave creams are doing for men’s and women’s hair growth,” Sliquid VP of Sales and Marketing Michelle Marcus said. “Our formulas’ soothing and nourishing ingredients seem to have the same softening effect on hair as they do skin, which has introduced the products to an even broader audience. From the looks of our consumer feedback, it seems men are most surprised to find that a more cosmetic-like shave product performs better than the shave gels they’re used to.”

And thanks to subtle scents derived from natural ingredients, Sliquid shave creams offer a gender-neutral alternative to current options without saccharine or artificial perfumes getting in the way. Sliquid Balance Smooth and Sliquid Ride Razor offer stores spa-quality options packaged and merchandising for adult and mainstream crossover that appeals to men and women of all kinds.

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