Spanish Distributor ‘Life Is Short’ Takes On New Brands From EDC Wholesale

By on January 10, 2019

NL – EDC Wholesale and the Spanish distributor, ‘Life is Short’ extended their partnership agreement, which involves the exclusive distribution of basically the full collection of the EDC house brands in Spain. In May 2018 Life is Short became master distributor for EasyToys, EasyGlide, Boners, and Loveboxxx. The success of these brands in the collection of Life is Short developed in them taking on the brands Sway, FPPR, My Magic Wand and the newest additions to the EDC collection; Yiva, Lil’Vibe, Gildo, Saiz, Butter, Exotiq, Secret Pleasure Chest, and Real Fantasy.

The companies worked together on the development of a catalog in which all brands are presented. Life is Short will distribute the catalog, with the 2019 EDC collection, amongst its customer base. The catalog showcases all the items from each brand, including the package designs and all the product details like the material it’s made of. The catalog is now available to be sent to customers from Life is Short.

“It was an easy decision to extend the partnership with EDC Wholesale.” Said Ariel Lewental, Commercial Director at Life is Short. “The first brands we took on were immediately a great success with a fast turnaround and satisfied customers. It made sense to take on the new brands as well as they are innovative and blend together very well. The entire collection is an easy sell and we are excited to work with the full range of the EDC house brands, which we will be stocking in our warehouse in Valencia, to assure our customers with the best service and a fast delivery ”

The companies invested in their relationship this past year and met several times to discuss the partnership. “We visit the company often to spend time with the team and to maintain a strong relationship.” Continued Lewental. “It’s impossible to have an exclusive partnership without a good relationship.”

“We couldn’t ask for a better partner than Life is Short.” Said Andre Visser, Sales Director at EDC Wholesale. “The team is dedicated and make our brands just as much a priority as we do. We share the same passion for beautiful brands, that makes it a unique relationship. The excitement is real and we can’t wait to see Life is Short flourish with the new brands.”

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