Sportsheets Gaining Mainstream Media Attention

By on July 24, 2015

Over the last week, Sportsheets International, an Adult Novelty Manufacturer best known for its BDSM and Fetish toys has been sweeping mainstream media with their products popping up on some of the most trafficked and most highly influential media publications in the world.

In the August Issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine, the #1 Women’s Magazine in the World chose Sportsheets’ Vibrating Mesh Sponge which Sportsheets makes for its Sex In The Shower line. According to Cosmopolitan, “What’s the best sex toy that no one would ever guess is a sex toy? A bullet vibe that hides in a loofah of course. Just pop the mini vibe out to get your H2Orgasm on (alone or with a partner.) Then hang it back up next to your shampoo. No one will ever know.”

“The timing for the Vibrating Mesh Sponge being chosen as Sex Toy of the Month in Cosmo couldn’t have been better,” said Julie Stewart, President of Sportsheets. “The issue hit the streets and arrived in mailboxes just days before the ANME Show started so we had everyone scouring every gas station and 7/11 in the Valley trying to find as many copies as possible! It is always an honor to be mentioned in Cosmopolitan; but to be named Sex Toy of the Month is one of the biggest honors a Novelty Company can achieve.

Sportsheets also had luck earlier this year at January’s ANME Show when a number of their products were featured in Cosmopolitan in an article outlining the best toys to use to create your own 50 Shades of Grey Fantasy. The 6-Page article also quoted Sportsheets President Julie Stewart.
“There is nothing better than having customers coming to your booth and seeing a copy of the largest distributed women’s magazine in the world sitting at your booth with your product proudly published in that magazine,” added Stewart.

Sportsheets also landed mainstream coverage on Bustle, a top Internet News Site in an article entitled “5 Cheap Sex Toys For Better Orgasms, Because Babes On A Budget Deserve To Get Off Too”. Out of the five Sex Toys selected by Bustle’s Lifestyle Writer Rachel Khona, two of them came from Sportsheets.

Number three in the article came from Sportsheets Sex In The Shower Collection. According to Bustle, “If you don’t have a tub like Beyonce’s, your best attempts at surfboarding may have been an exercise in futility. Not to fear, even the most un-athletic of you can feel like shower goddesses with the help of this handy dandy shower foot rest. Because showers are NOT JUST for getting clean ladiezzz! Stick one of these babies on the wall of your shower and use it to prop your foot up or grip onto for easier action. Tada! You could be a regular acrobat with one of these.

Coming in at Number four was Sportsheets Back Beginner’s Handcuff. According to Bustle, “Pretend you’ve been arrested and locked to your bed with these cheap and comfy handcuffs by Sportsheets. They cost as much as three bevs from the coffee shop, so if you can chill on that caffeine habit you can easily afford these. Plus you’ll be way less jittery in the morning. Win-Win, bishes.

“We always love reading the Love, Sex, Dating and Relationship articles on Bustle and when we saw the headline for the article we were so excited to see which toys had made the cut. For us to have not one, but two toys on their list absolutely blew us away,” said Emily Silva, Product Specialist for Sportsheets.

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