Sportsheets Launches Em.Ex. Active Harness Wear Without Digital Retouching

By on June 14, 2019

Huntington Beach, CA. — Sportsheets has unveiled Em.Ex. Active Harness Wear, which will be promoted by a No Digital Retouch campaign.

The Em.Ex. underwear harnesses were created as a result of customer requests. There are three styles: Fit, Silhouette and Contour. Sizes — which are easily laid out on the packaging — range from extra small to extra large. According to the company, the special wicker material was chosen to keep the wearer’s body cool while being worn during errands and into extracurricular activities. Em.Ex. is also covered under the lifetime-limited warranty.

“When we were designing Em.Ex., we wanted to keep the wearer in mind,” Sportsheets President Julie Stewart said. “Traditional strap-on harnesses weren’t designed for long wear. We wanted to cover that missing gap. For someone with an on the go job or someone who is wanting to be their authentic self every day of the year, Em.Ex. was made for you.”

All images promoting the Em.Ex. line — including the packaging, social media, and print — will not be digitally altered, thus following Pulitzer Prize photojournalist qualifications, the company said.

“We wanted to keep pushing the boundaries for the adult industry,” Sportsheets Marketing Director John Turi said. “We, as a company, are starting to move away from the highly photoshopped images you see. We want our images to be real, natural, and straight from the camera. From the feedback, we are hearing the direction we are heading in seems to be the right one.”

Sportsheets will launch Em.Ex. at the ANME Show in July at the Marriot Burbank, and is now taking pre-orders.

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