Sportsheets Makes “Ties” with Emily Morse

By on September 7, 2016

Huntington Beach, – Sportsheets, the pioneer in keeping couples connected bondage gear, has teamed with Emily Morse to expand mainstream exposure of their award-winning brand. The long-term campaign launching this month will systematically introduce the company’s array of products to the growing Sex with Emily podcast audience.

Sportsheets owners Tom and Julie Stewart have turned to Morse and her team to create a multi-platform advertising plan geared toward increasing consumer awareness of – and demand for – their innovative lines. From their flagship Under The Bed Restraint Systems to their array of positioning products and accessories, Sportsheets has plenty for Dr. Morse to talk about!

“We’ve known Emily for years now, and we are thrilled to be working with her in this capacity,” explains company founder Tom Stewart. “She knows our products and understands what we’re all about, and I’m confident her audience will soon be Sportsheets experts as well.”

Wrapping up what was its third consecutive record-breaking month, the Sex with Emily podcast is now being downloaded 850,000 times each month by consumers all over the world. The show’s official Facebook page boasts nearly 1.2 Million followers, and Morse’s editorial contributions can be found everywhere from Glamour to Ask Men to Harper’s Bazaar.

“I’ve always been a Sportsheets enthusiast and I’m so proud to have them as part of the Sex With Emily family,” says Emily Morse. “I know my audience is craving just the thing that Sportsheets delivers – accessible, fun products that make it easy to keep your sex life fresh and exciting.”

Sportsheets’ Sex with Emily campaign is underway now. Look out for Tom Stewart’s appearance on the show this month.
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