Sportsheets Reports Most Successful ANME Show to Date

By on January 18, 2015
Sportsheets Reports Most Successful ANME Show to Date

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Sportsheets International has reported its most successful ANME show to date.

With the anticipation of one of the biggest movie releases of the year, Sportsheets unveiled its newest line of products; Sexperiments, which the company has been offering sneak peeks to for the past few months.

The new line offers five different gift boxed BDSM kits including Masked Desires, Bling and Sting, Switch Out Silencer, Thrillogy, and Ties That Bind. The products are aimed at both novices and veterans.

“Coming into ANME we already had a huge number of preorders for the Sexperiments line but once people actually saw the products at the booth and how they were displayed customers were going nuts wanting first dibs,” President Julie Stewart said.

She added, “We have already bumped up our manufacturing because the demand for the kits was much more than we originally anticipated. Not only is the packaging beautiful and the products as high quality as BDSM and fetish get, but it also has price point where all five kits are under $100 MSRP which makes it the perfect solution for stores looking to capitalize on the upcoming craze.”

Buyers attending the ANME show also showed their praise for the latest creation.

“The new Sexperiments product line from Sportsheets was a standout item at the ANME show,” said Scott Dantis, director of sales and marketing for distributor Williams Trading.

He added, “The attractive retail packaging combined with the high quality item assortment is perfectly positioned for the mainstream consumers looking to duplicate the ‘Fifty Shades’ experience as a couple. We anticipate a high demand for Sexperiments and will be offering the complete assortment to our customer base.”

The company also reported success with their other lines including Sex & Mischief, Sex In The Shower, Edge, and the original Sportsheets.

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