Steve Callow – Perfect Fit Brand

By on February 3, 2016

After learning the ropes of this industry with my first venture, I started Perfect Fit in 2011. The first year I worked with my factories to develop my proprietary materials SilaSkin and PF Blend. In 2011 we launched the Ergo line of products and the Fat Boy series and went from there.

A typical day?
I’m an early starter, I like to get in the office before anyone else. I usually spend the day doing many things: administration, sales, design, meetings – I have a large whiteboard in front of my desk and it reminds me of my projects etc. I also have a large sofa in my office which I use often to contemplate things, pull out my sketch pad, or talk with my team.

The most significant influence in my working career was/is?
My career building years with Accenture taught me a lot.

I’m most proud of?
Surviving. It hasn’t always been like it is today. There were a lot of challenges in my first company being a newbie in the industry.

One of the most memorable moments was?
When a customer came up to me on street and told me I changed his life. Not sure how he knew who I was but I was always touched by this.

Last book I read?
Jim Collins: Great by Choice

Favourite movie/TV show
Netflix Sens8

What would most people not know about me?
I grew up sailing and I have competed many times in Olympic class boats and offshore sailing yachts. I have some trophies .

My favourite place?
Nova Scotia

What I like best about my job?
Creating better products and hearing customer feedback.

If I could change one thing?
I guess I’m pretty content, I am having a hard time thinking of anything!

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