Successful ANME Show for pjur

By on July 24, 2015

Wasserbillig/Luxembourg, JULY 2015. The highly visible black and yellow pjur booth at the ANME Founders Show attracted a whole host of visitors. The show was a big success! A highlight of this year’s show was the focus on the “money makers”, six of the top selling products in the US market. This was a doorway to sales growth. The giveaways (swag) from pjur were received with a smile. Every visitor to the premium lubricant company’s booth received a high-quality linen bag that stuffed into a mini bag- the new “bagitto” along with a bright yellow frisbee for a fun pjur summer!

pjur also gave away plenty of product samples along with its famous thick note pad and famous yellow dot-topped pen. The customers also enjoyed a hot espresso at the “pjur Gold Bar” along with a small bar of German chocolate dressed as a gold ingot to celebrate pjur’s 20th anniversary. pjur’s booth also featured the Gold Campaign showing the free displays and point of sale packages available to all retailers. This year, pjur is giving away real 20-gram gold bars in the USA, Europe, and Australia.

At the trade show pjur also received the “Best Lubricant Company of the Year” award from Storerotica. “We’re proud to accept this coveted award”, said Richard Harris, CEO of the pjur group USA. “We won this award for all the hard work we carry out every day, and for our total commitment to the pjur brand. A big thanks is also due to all our loyal customers as, without them, we would never have achieved this award.”

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